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After having an enema under sedation last Weds, Parsley was then given an injection to help with constipation and we've been dosing him with lactolase twice a day. No sign of poo. At all. For 4 days. He's got progressive renal failure and pancreatitis so I know that things are dicey. He's lost half a kilo in a month as well. He's still got some appetite but he was too weak to get up into his favourite chair last night so I lifted him in. He managed to jump up to the windowsill this morning though. He's not in the distress he was on Wednesday but I can only imagine it's a matter of time. So I will take him to the vets first thing in the morning. Keep wanting to cuddle him but that will just bother him.
UPDATE: He's ok for now. Vet has injected him again and we're to watch for another couple of day. Thank you for your lovely kind messages.
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Gwyn is doing very well, thank you so much for all the tweets, emails, texts and phone calls, having you there was so supportive. And much needed after the loss of our beloved Teasel, the prospect of losing another of our babies was unbearable.
It was a rather odd hairball... )
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I was going to post this but Sion got there first: Introducing the Teasel Easel!

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What is it about young creatures and getting all excited about snow? Teasel got over being freaked out about the world turning white in ooh, 20 seconds. With his tail fluffed out like a bottle-brush (I do wonder sometimes if we should have named him 'Squirrel') he started gingerly stretching his paws onto the surface of the snow and then sinking in before taking the next step. He looked like the boy in The Snowman trying to do the giant footprints in the fresh snow.  Once he'd got the hang of it he got completely over-excited and started charging up and down the garden at top speed, making huge furrows in the snow as he went. The fun was completely infectious and our senior cat Parsley decided that he had to join in. I think they were doing laps.
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Today the three cats of the household arranged themselves, for a large part of the day, one to each floor of the house. Gwyn was in her customary position in the attic perched at the top of a bookshelf so that she has a bird's eye view of our neighbourhood. Teasel was coiled in a hollow in the duvet on our bed on the first floor and Parsley was being Kitchen Cat by sitting by the radiator on one of the wooden chairs. Everywhere I went I had a little furry companion to chatter at and fuss over as I went about my day.
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Cut short our weekend after getting a call from a neighbour - not a mark on him and clearly well fed. We are so so happy![Poll #1491966]
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Back from a lovely weekend in Oxford visiting friends. Played lots of games and ate lots of delicious food. Tried really hard not to get my hopes up that Teasel would be home waiting for us when we got back. He wasn't. Hopes dashed. Had consolation cuddles with Parsley. Obviously we'll get on with our lives and hope that he still makes it home. But an ache has set up inside me and I can't let myself grieve - because that would be giving up on the little fella.

You don't realise how deeply you care about your pets until something happens to them.
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Teasel, our 18 month old tiny cat/giant kitten has gone missing. It's coming up to 36 hours and he's missed two breakfasts which is unheard of. Longest he's ever gone before was one random 12 hour occasion, he's usually never very far. We are beside ourselves.

He was in the house late Tuesday night but no show for Wednesday brekka. I'm guessing he went out early in the morning and then whatever happened happened. It seems an odd time for being stolen (I do worry about him being a theft target - he is an unusual colour) or shut in a shed. Could be car or fox or as I'm hoping, this dreadful wind has scared and confused him, he's got a bit lost and it will take him time to find his way home.

I'm about to ring vets and shelters. Is there anything else I can do? We could offer a reward on a poster but I notice the Pet Plan want you to agree the reward with them first. Should I call the police in-case he has been stolen? Any really good wording for a poster?

Edited to add: he's microchipped, contacted them and paid the one-off £10 upgrade - they will email all vets and shelters with his info in a 30 mile radius and put his details up on their website. They were really lovely. So glad we got the cats done.

Further Edit:
Have just got back from flyposting 100 Teasel leaflets in the area (and putting them in the letterboxes of all the houses in immediate area, and the pub and the local shops have all displayed one) - actually got stopped by a neighbour who thought she'd seen him up at the mill. I went to look and called him for ages but no show. Made me hopeful though. I've taken a full weeks worth of ad out in the paper too. And I put him on the RSPCA lost and found register too. So with all that and the microchip people doing their thing thing I guess I've done what I can.

Thank you for all your kind messages. Means a lot.
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We don't have any recent pictures of Teasel - mainly because he is either moving too fast or simply fast asleep. He has grown heaps and no longer looks like a kitten but a rather gangly small cat. His now silky coat has developed stunning markings and he is in danger of knocking Parsley off the 'most handsome cat in the house' pedestal. Thing is, most days Teasel tries to knock Parsley off the beanbag and the picture above (larger version here) is entirely representative of their relationship - Teasel is blossoming into a beautiful, lively, intensely affectionate little thug.

We had wondered if neutering him might slow him down (not the reason we had it done I hasten to add) but after an apparently subdued journey back from the vets, he launched forth from the cat box to continue pinging off the furniture (he sometimes does laps) as if nothing happened.

As I write he has just leaped upon Parsley (who was sleeping soundly) and the peace of the living room has once again been shattered by a writhing ball of black-brown and grey fur accompanied by yelps, growls and hisses. It pisses Parsley off no end and Teasel just treats it as a huge game of rough and tumble. I feel very sorry for my big brown cat because he is so big hearted and even now will not use his claws on the little grey demon. Teasel on the other hand makes no such concessions. They don't hate each other, I have caught Parsley grooming Teasels ears - and Teasel returns the favour - but it turns into fighting pretty quickly. I think Parsley is still boss - just. 

[livejournal.com profile] gwynipeg on the hand can not stand Teasel. She is the only creature in the house (including us) who can keep him in tolerable control and emits the deepest ogre-ish growl if he comes anywhere near. Gwyn has drawn blood on two occasions I know of, both times just above the eye alarmingly. But Teasel keeps pushing, he'll learn a lesson, for today. He'll check the boundaries tomorrow. And every day after.

He has also learned that if he scratches you he gets attention and I'm really trying hard to stop that. It does mean however that both of us need to work much harder at paying him positive attention and rewarding his good behaviour. So if he meows, I keep trying to respond immediately so that he learns that it is the most effective form of communication. The bit about ignoring bad behaviour is really hard however - especially if he is trying to get your attention by climbing up your thigh like a lumberjack. Not hopping around muttering 'fuck fuckity fuck' is one of the more difficult skills in life.

He's lovely really.


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