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A lady who I met recently and who lives in a wood about three miles from us suggested I read up about Forest Gardening and Permaculture.

So I did. Well, I've had a really heavy chesty cold the last few days which has wiped me out so I've had a LOT of time to really get into the research you know. During this I also came across the fascinating subject of Perennial Vegetables.

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Got really really miz today about climate change. I'm sure some kind of transference is going on for me here but still. This came about from reading that we are probably not going to reach our target of a change of only 2 degrees C. due to this last year having the highest carbon emissions yet.

George Monbiot summed it up for me today:
"We cannot keep burning fossil fuels without cooking the biosphere. We don't like nuclear power. We don't like onshore wind. We won't like the costs of the other technologies. We reject all the means by which electricity is generated. Yet no one is volunteering to stop using it."

It feels utterly overwhelming, despair inducing in fact. 

For my part, I'm not going to give up. If you are someone who isn't going to give up either, I'd love to hear from you in the comments. I thought I should tell you I wasn't, just in case you were feeling hopeless too.

I'll still do arm-chair campaigning (when health improves I'll do more) and in the meantime we are going to do something about the 5.5 tonnes of carbon our oil-fired heating system punches into the atmosphere every year, to say nothing of the £1200 hole it will punch into our finances every year. Oil has doubled in price for every three years for the last 15. There is nothing to show that this will change.

We had a report done by an energy consultant who, based on our budget and location, recommends we go for a gasification log boiler. This got comprehensively agreed with by a chap we saw just over a week ago at the information desk at the Centre of Alternative Technology - who just happened to be writing his thesis on log boilers. Nothing quite like a geek on his pet subject when he's sure of an interested audience!

At the mo we are having a think about getting solar thermal plumbed in with it to heat the hot water in summer or to set it up for a photovoltaic thermal in the future. We also need do some planning faff so that the holiday cottage can be heated this way too.

I may also have to learn how to use a chainsaw, well I know how to chuck an axe about now - feel my biceps!

Sod it. This feels like so much bravado in the face of impending doom...
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On the way out this morning, I found the scurrying leaves and the blusteryness of the wind propelling me on my way reassuring. It's clearly November, this is November weather, at least this seasonal event is in its proper place.

On my way home, after catching sight of the heartbreaking doom-laden front page of the Independent in the Co-op, that same wind was terrifying to walk home in and the leaves swirled around me like persecuted little mice.

Nothing had changed of course, it was the same wind. What had changed was that I suddenly felt defeated. Now I know that I made a promise that I would only ever from thenceforth write positively about climate issues in this journal but I need to work through this, I'm hoping I can come back through the other side.Read more... )
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1ngi: (far from the sodding crowd)
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I won't have been the first person to think of this or to write about it. And if the idea hadn't partly been explored by Peter Watts in Blindsight (a rare trip into hard SF for me) I may never have spent time having nightmares about it.

What is it?

Well I fear a future where we voluntarily 'jack' ourselves into the 'matrix', power down our real lives and conserve energy and resources by only existing in our virtual worlds. I'm hoping that the energy required to power one's avatar is prohibitive and remains so.

The other future I fear is the one where we have to power down our real lives to a point where one of the family  has to stay at home and do the washing by hand, and cook all the meals and grow the veg in the garden. And most of those individuals will be women and we'll watch our not-yet-equal-but-hard-won-rights fall to dust.

In the mean time, I'm researching my energy-efficient self-build house hoping that if I use my time wisely in the next 15 years I can be part of the spearhead of the movement to avoid either of the above.

Reading this back I sound a little bit crazy.  Ah well. Never mind.
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