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Sheffield Cathedral

This last 3 weeks I have been on a trip to Sheffield. In part it was to take a break for myself and I could have taken it anywhere but I chose Sheffield so that I could do local history research for my new project ‘My Darling Janie’; the story of the love letters of my great great grandparents courting in Sheffield in the 1870s.

What it became was not only a chance to discover my family past but one to firm up friendships and reconnect with my living family in the shape of my maternal grandfather (who is still with us at 97) and my paternal cousin, who I had not seen for over 30 years.
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"Like many people I welcome the progress made on the Same Sex Marriage Bill and this law will be something to celebrate and be proud in the progress of human rights. I would like to thank you for your work and the role you played.

However it's because of human rights that I must urge you to reconsider the impact on the lives of transgender people - I was dismayed to learn of the amendment that requires a trans person to obtain the consent of their spouse in order to gain a GRC.
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If you'd like to send a message to Baroness Stowell asking her to drop the spousal veto, you can do it here:
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Please consider signing this and then sharing, if it helps, do it instead of sending me a birthday card and just let me know. This issue effects me and 2 close family members. The petition was set up by ThyroidUK. We need to get 100,000 signatures in order for it to be discussed in government.

Thank you so much.
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You would think, that given what's on my plate, I would have enough to worry about without taking on huge massive global issues that are waaaaay beyond my sphere of influence.

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On a day like today - this is incredibly apt:

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Have I got this right - has everything been wiped? Can someone else go check and tell me I've not got this wrong. 

Following reading posts elsewhere this morning I was going to go and see how the ESA and ATOS petitions (and incidently the transgender ones) I had signed a few months back were doing. If they've all disappeared I guess a new one will have to be set up and any advice as to how to go about that would be great or if there is anyone who is better informed than me who would prefer to set one up?

Blimey - all those signatures that were won. I feel a bit sick.

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If proportional representation is good for many other countries including the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament, it might, just might be good for us too.

I've been wanting political reform since I started voting 24 friggin years ago. Lib Dems in or influencing the chance for reform in a hung parliament. What's not to like?
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Two incidents courtesy of the internet jointly got under my skin today. The first was prompted by Jan Moir's homophobic article about the death of Stephen Gately in the Daily Fail. Twitter et al went bonkers, complaints crashed the press commission's site and a non-apology from Ms Moir, who in the words/tweet of Stephen Fry, displayed a "Staggering ignorance of social networking and how it works if she thinks public responses like this are, or can be, "orchestrated" ". He's also speculating that "she's writing an "explanation" for tomorrow in which innocent harassed victim of cyber bullying that she is, she will blame us/me".

The second was prompted by the posting onto Youtube a video showing a senior gent being harassed by a member of the London Underground staff who seemed to have lost the plot for a moment. As I was catching up with blogs and comments, someone mentioned that Boris had already tweeted and I went to look and he had: "Appalled by the video. Have asked TfL to investigate urgently. Abuse by passengers or staff is never acceptable."

Unlike Jan Moir, Boris clearly understands that the best way to stop the shit hitting the fan is to deal with it pragmatically and get on with sorting it. (I'm liking Boris today. No doubt I'll be off him again on another.)

While general decency reigns generally in the general population, and I have every hope that people power will overcome (some day la la la, Ohoh I do believe...), I'm also feeling a bit squirmy. What if some paradigm gets shifted in our minds, and some bad idea invades general decency and we use all this internet for some insidious post-modern-nazism? You with your video phone, you'll post me up on Youtube and I'll be harried from pillar to post until I'm crushed under the tyranny of democratic opinion. And it will all happen in the space of a few hours, and I'll be left bleeding in the dust while the mob move on to the next bit of juicy action.

I still think that the vast majority of people are basically decent sorts, but odd ideas can be made to look like decency. 

Am I being cynical? Am I losing my faith in humanity? Or am I being a realist. Most readers of my LJ are probably the wrong people to ask as I'm usually the overly-dreamy idealist in our mix. You may well think I have a point.

But it would be so beautiful wouldn't it, if we were living through a truly revolutionary age where the digital shout of the populace could genuinely change the direction of power, and the world for the better?
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I first saw this eye-blistering ad in an Iceland Express in-flight magazine last year. I clipped it out and have been meaning to post about it ever since. (Fortunately someone else saved me the bother of uploading.) Originally I was fascinated by being presented with standards different to my own, and reluctantly admiring the direct tone of the headline copy and the lack of 'airbrushing' (or productions values - you pick). I was also a little bit shocked by it.

I've stood on the spot where those fin whales in the news would have been processed. When on honeymoon, Siôn and I got to listen at length at someone evangelising for the right to hunt whales and saw for ourselves Iceland's last remaining whaling station in Hvalfjörður, a spooky near-derelict heap of sheds and rusty ironmongery. It reminded me of an abandoned dock yard or mining works.

At the time even our pro-whaling guide didn't believe that whaling was ever going to make a huge comeback and that what we were seeing with Kristjan Loftsson's persistence was a last gasp of ancient culture, held in the psyche as 'the right to hunt'. At that time Loftsson was having trouble finding buyers for just the 9 fin whales he had in his freezers. I'm not sure how this is going to improve with another 125. And as was explained at the time, Icelanders are actually now making more money running boats for tourists so that you can go and watch the whales in their natural habitat.

I think what we miss at this distance from an isolated society is how whaling is part of a heritage based on survival using limited resources at its heart. Less than a hundred years ago, communities would have faced off winter starvation with a whale. To let go of that right when your elder generation can still remember harsh times is going to be a bit tricky. It's forcibly severing yourself from a past way of life. As the voice of the elder generation inevitably becomes quieter, that whaling station will no doubt be left to rot, and the younger Icelanders will be yet one more step removed from their past.

I find it sad even though it has to happen.


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